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7 Website Design Tips for Integrative Practitioners

One key aspect we touched upon is creating your online presence and, usually, the fulcrum of your online presence is a website. Creating a website that provides insight into your practice, specialty, and experience helps build trust among potential clients and serves as a critical reference for your existing clients.

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Offering your Services Online? 7 Things to Look for in Telehealth Software

The first step towards offering telehealth services is implementing software customized to your practice needs to help you move online. While assessing the software available in the market, use the following criteria to arrive at what is best for you.

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Telemedicine – The New Frontier for Integrative Practitioners

An Overview of Telemedicine Telemedicine, sometimes also referred to as telehealth, is (in layman’s terms) the use of technologies to enable remote and virtual clinical health care.[1] The major elements of telemedicine are : Video conferencing e.g., consultation with a patient to provide care, or soliciting the input of a specialist in rendering a diagnosis through… Continue reading Telemedicine – The New Frontier for Integrative Practitioners